Positive Displacement Mud Motors

Newsco proprietary motors and power sections are the most robust motors on the market. Proven in challenging and hot hole drilling conditions, Newsco motors are consistently excellent performers. With a variety of industry standard and Newsco specific power sections we provide some of the highest flow and torque values in the industry that increases ROP and returns for our customers.

The mandate of the Newsco Mud Motor Division is ‘Simplicity of Design’. Newsco’s minimalistic design approach starts with aircraft quality steel and is composed of a high load thrust assembly with a reduced number of components to allow for larger, more robust parts. Standard fixed bend assemblies allow rotation up to 2.5 degree bends and will accommodate the latest high torque and high differential power sections. These motors have proven to provide unparalleled performance in hot formation Bakken wells where temperatures exceed 175C/400F and vibration and shock exceeds 100Gs.

The Newsco Mud Motor Division offers 3 ¾” to 9 5/8” motors in every available power/torque ratio. Motors are available in fixed and adjustable bend and feature a 50” bit to bend with a 34” spacing available upon request. We also carry proprietary power sections for job specific purposes.