In-house repair and maintenance along with strict usage and tool life tracking allows for Newsco to maintain a dependable fleet of MWD tools, thus reducing MWD non-productive time. To supply directional information, gamma and resistivity logging, Newsco offers positive pulse and EM telemetry as well as a proprietary LCM resistant smart collar.

  • Newsco Elint™ and Elint™ HT MWD-GR Systems
  • Newsco Elint™ and Elint™ HT Dual Telemetry System
  • Newsco NVADER
  • Newsco Smart Collar

Delivering accurate and repeatable directional drilling surveys and LWD logs in extreme situations is the driving force behind our MWD systems. Newsco’s strict calibration and testing procedures ensure customers get the very best equipment delivered to the rig.


In addition, Newsco owns a fleet of Wave Propagation Resistivity subs featuring fully compensated, dual spacing measurements. The WPR tool produces 8 curves and is rated to 302°F with available upgrades to 347°F. Full specification sheets denoting measurement accuracy, DOI and vertical resolutions for the respective spacings are available upon request.


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