HSSE Recognition & Certifications

At Newsco safety is at the forefront of our culture, which is mandated by our Executive Management Team and executed throughout every level of our organization.  As leaders in the directional drilling industry our focus on HSSE protocol has given us International recognition from industry associations for our efforts.  Newsco is proud of our commitment towards health, saftey and environmental standards as it keeps our employees, our customers and most importantly our families safe.  

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Newsco implemented our safety program in 1994 and holds a valid health and safety Certificate of Recognition (COR).  In doing so, we have proven that we have successfully implemented not only an HSSE program that meets industry standards, but one that provides the best possible support for our employees as well as our customers, to have a safe working environment.


"Our health and safety programs are always evolving to meet the needs of our dynamic and diversified work environments."



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