Wells Worldwide 10,035
Patents 82
Countries 40
Years in O&G 40
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Industry news • 2024-01-23
Rystad Energy's update highlights geopolitical risks in the Red Sea, affecting LNG prices. Rising tensions due to Yemen's Houthi militia have disrupted trade and led to suspended shipments, with increased military responses from the U.S. and UK.
Industry news • 2023-12-11
Aramco's acquisition of a 40% stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd (GO). This marks Aramco's first venture into the Pakistani fuels retail market, aligning with its strategy to strengthen its global downstream operations.
Industry news • 2023-09-06
Aramco Launches $10B Jafurah Gas Project Expansion: Global EPC Contracts Awarded to Boost Saudi Arabia's Largest Non-Associated Gas Resource.
Company news • 2022-11-02
Sawafi invests in UK's Vulcan for advanced well completion solutions, enhancing the Kingdom's upstream sector. This aligns with Aramco’s vision, boosts R&D, and supports Saudi's Iktva goals for local value creation and sector self-sufficiency.
Company news • 2022-10-27
Sawafi Borets shines at the 5th MEAL Conference, showcasing eco-friendly ESP technologies aligned with Saudi's Net-Zero goals and Aramco's carbon reduction plans.
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