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Delivering Optimized Drilling Performance


With an ever-increasing demand for energy, underground natural resources such as oil and gas are becoming increasingly difficult to access and extract. Newsco’s proprietary and patented technology enables energy companies to maximize their asset-yield, while keeping costs low. We deliver world-class drilling and engineering products and solutions to meet reservoir-challenges in oilfields around the globe. This enables us to optimize customer performance in accordance with environmental and economically responsible standards. Our products and services are designed to adhere to the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability.

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Tools & Technologies


The designs of our tools and technology help us to unlock new sources of underground energy and extract more from existing resources. Our unique and proprietary directional drilling technology stands unmatched for its robust reliability and operational efficiency. This has enabled our customers to extract large volumes of resources from hard-to-reach corners of their reservoir assets. For instance: in 2010 we rendered over 13,500 operating hours with only 16 hours downtime for one of our customers. This feat translated into 99.877% up-time reliability – a benchmark surpassed by few.

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