Elint Dual Telemetry

Elint, defined as intelligence gathering by electronic means.

The Newsco Elint™ Dual Telemetry System is the only MWD system available that incorporates Intelligent Channel Coding™ an exclusive adaptive digital modulation technology used to increase noise rejection and improve aggregate receiver sensitivity. ICC technology enables the Newsco Elint Dual Telemetry System to avoid signal interference within the channel spectrum such as DC-motor electrical noise generated by top-drives or electromechanical rotary noise commonly associated with Kelly drives. ICC encryption also delivers improved immunity against communication channel burst noise (i.e. aperiodic in-band noise) that typically obscures portions of a digitally modulated uplink packet. ICC negates burst noise by digitally averaging the noise across all the bits contained in an encrypted uplink packet; thereby increasing the surface receiver aggregate sensitivity. ICC technology also uses much less power to transmit uplinks than conventional EM MWD systems thus maximizing downhole battery life and allowing the system to function at deeper depths even in unfavorable formation lithologies.

Features and Benefits

  • New Proprietary Technology
  • Advanced Database Logging
  • WITS I/O interface provides link to rig information networks
  • Automatic Detailed Report Generation
  • Wireless Link for Rig Floor Display
  • Hang-Off Collar Mounted or bottom mounted in UBHO
  • Downhole Sensor expansion via 10-pin Internal Data Bus
  • 2-Way EM Com Link
  • Small Tool: < 20 ft

Technical Data Sheets 

 Newsco Elint™ and Elint™ HT Dual Telemetry System