Performance Broadcast

Newsco International congratulates our valued customer and the crew of H&P 647 for drilling this Delaware Basin well  in 11.26 days (DO Surface to TD in Lea County, New Mexico.

Additional details of this well have been witheld at the operator's request. 

Operator: Witheld

Location: Lea Co., NM

Well Name: Witheld

Formation:  Witheld

Well Type:  Horizontal

Hole Size: 8 3/4"

Total Depth:  18,727 feet

Performance metric DO Surf to TD: 11.26 days compared to goal of 14.00 days.

Services Performed:
Newsco Full Service Directional/MWD

Contact your Newsco Account Manager for more information:

12029 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, TX 77041

Phone: 1-832-924-4020

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EOG - Bandit 29 State Com #505H - Performance Broadcast

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Performance Broadcast

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