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Newsco congratulates Kraken Oil & Gas, LLC and the crew of Nabors B22 for setting a new Williston Basin record well (Spud to TD) in 6.17 days and a world record curve of 3.62 hours (KOP-90°).

Newsco Performance  Motor 7.00” 7/8 7.3 s/n 700462 (0.26 RPG) 1.5° FBH Slick was run in the first vertical BHA which drilled 5,698.0 feet in 14.52 circulating hours and then was rerun with a fresh bit in the second vertical BHA, drilling to KOP another 2,003.0 feet in 17.42 circulating hours.

Operator: Kraken Oil & Gas, LLC

Location: Williams, ND

Well Name: Wallace 6-7 #2H

Formation:  Middle Bakken

Well Type:  Horizontal

Hole Size: 8 3/4" Vertical Hole

Total Depth:  9,925 feet vertical

Average ROP:  399.39 / 116.12 feet/hr

Flow Rate:  520-705 gpm

Mud System:  10.0 lb/gal OBM

Drilling Hours: 13.53 / 17.07 hours

Circulating Hours: 14.52 / 17.42 hours

Footage Drilled: 5,698.0 / 2,003.0 feet

Dull Grade: N/A

Services Performed:
Motor Rental
Newsco Performance Mud Motor

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12029 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, TX 77041

Phone: 1-832-924-4020

Williston Basin/DJ and Powder River

Clae Bilek  307-267-3802

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